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Update:Yoga Pod Commercial Build-out

An update on Yoga Pod Memorial. IP Painters are done with framing the interior. Stay tuned for more updates on this commerical buildout.  
yoga-pod-commercial-buildout-1 yoga-pod-commercial-buildout-3 yoga-pod-commercial-buildout-4 yoga-pod-commerical-buildout-2
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Yoga Pod Memorial Breaks Ground Soon!

Yoga Pod Memorial Breaks Ground Soon!
Woodlands-Painters obtains another Yoga Pod commercial build out in the Memorial area in Houston, Texas. As you may know, Woodlands-painters also completed the Yoga Pod in The Woodlands which had their Grand Opening on October 14th. Stay tuned to find out when the new Yoga Pod in Houston Tx is to open up in 2017!
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Kitchen Remodel Decision for your Home

Kitchen Remodel Decision for your Home
Before you start on your kitchen remodel here are some top decisions to make. Cabinets: If you are changing the layout of your existing kitchen, you will need to discuss how to maximize the area best for storage and most importantly convienence for you and your family. Choosing to resurface, restain or completely install new cabinets is another important factor. Depending if your cabinets are in ...
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Water Damage Restoration

water damage restorationFlooding has become a common occurrence for many folks in the Houston area and surrounding area far to often and many residents are still drying out from last weeks’ storm. Whether this is the first time or the 3rd time flood damage has brought havoc to your life, it doesn’t get any easier. However you can count on our experts to walk through the process with the best knowledge and expertise to ma...
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Ethics in construction..what you need to look for!!

EthicsEthics in construction and home building can raise a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and opinions. Although some may have a positive attitude towards their Builder/Contractor others may want to hang a rope around his/her neck, (being the least amount of minimal retribution!) As is the case in many industries, there are a wide variety of individuals who do not have the commitment/willingness to s...
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It's time to update and expand your patio!

covered deck backyard gable patio roof covered patio plans do it yourself ideas patio exterior awesome covered patio plans do it yourself 936x702Spring is here and we are all blessed to enjoy the nice spring weather that Texas offers! You head out to your patio and sit down to enjoying a nice refreshing drink but wait, there are so many things that could use maintenance; the paint, stain, gutters, concrete, pressure washing, etc. Or maybe your the person who likes to entertain, but your outdoor kitchen / patio always seems cramped and you ...
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 Kitchen Remodeling & Updates

Do you know that one of the main areas that potential home buyers consider before purchasing a home is the Kitchen area? When your home/property is on the market for sale, it starts to compete with other properties that are readily available in your neighborhood. Most of these properties have updated their Kitchen area; this becomes a significant factor towards marketing of the property.Most homeo...
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Your Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Questions Answered

family kitchenAre you considering a kitchen remodeling project? Typically a kitchen remodel is the most expensive home improvement project. So it’s normal to worry about making costly mistakes. And you might even think twice about taking the time to research and plan such a large project. You basically have 2 options: You can go it alone, spending your weekends visiting showrooms ...
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How to pick the perfect paint color!

color swatches  Being able to pick the perfect color for your home or business can sometimes be and ardous task. There are many variables that intertwine and influence a particular hue of color, and sometimes the task at hand can become intense and haunting at the same time. Throughout the years we have been able to identify several factors that can ease this decision process and make the task a little bit...
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Update your Kitchen

KitchenCabinetsNewRefinishingResurfacingDo you know that one of the main areas that potential home buyers consider before purchasing a home is the Kitchen area? When your home/property is on the market for sale, it starts to compete with other properties that are readily available in your neighborhood. Most of these properties have updated their Kitchen area; this becomes a significant factor towards marketing of the property. Most home...
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Tired of your old Bathroom?

Bathroom HeaderIs your bathroom borring, out of style, embarrasing? International Painters can help with our 360 degree remodel! After all bathrooms are places we use every day so why not give them the right asthetics while maximizing their funcitionality. We do it all from small sheetrock repairs and paint to full blown custom bathroom of your dreams. Our profesinal staff can install/upgrade tile, cabintes, sho...
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Maximize your homes curb appeal!

Make you house the envy of the neighbourhood by maximising you curb apeal! Summer is just arround the corner and this is the perfect time to do the projects that will make your house stand out from the rest!  But maximising the curb appeal of your home can be a daunting task. With so many possibile colors, accent options, and window and door upgrades, it can get overwhelming! But it doesn't h...
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Commercial Build-Out - YOGA POD

Yoga_Pod4-2.jpgWe are excited about our current commercial build-out. The very first YOGA POD location in the heart of the Woodlands! Our experienced staff are hard at work building walls, laying tile, painting, and much more transforming what began as nearly 3000 square feet of open commercial space into a beautiful Yoga studio. Because quality and craftmanship are hallmarks of our company this soon to be openi...
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Look whats new! Interior painting projects in The Woodlands

Woodlands Painters Tile Granite Sheetrock cabinetsWe are currently updating our photo gallery of interior and exterior painting projects that we've recently completed in The Woodlands. Click here to visit our Woodlands Painting Photo Gallery.  
The Woodlands Residential - Interior painting - Foyer Flooring Installation - Hallway Interior painting Grand Room - Interior painting work in The Woodlands The Woodlands interior painting Granite countertops with stone backsplash Stairway window ledge staining Bathroom remodeling in the woodlands - granite countertop Interior room painting - wood flooring install Interior painting in interior room with bay windows. Game room interior painting Theater room remodeling - staging Bathroom sink fixtures - stainless steel Entrace to entertainment room - custom cabinets Interior hallway - painting work Hallway angle - interior painting Woodlands home - granite countertop & stone backsplash installation Stairwell - Wood flooring Bathroom Remodel - Finished bathroom tile - granite countertop Laundry Room - Interior Painting Stairwell - Interior Painting The Woodlands - Wood Flooring Bathroom sinks fixtures Master closet - wood flooring Interior Room - Painting
    Check out all of our services here!
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Front Door Upkeep and Maintenance

Woodlands DoorWe have been in business for over twenty years. Throughout the many years of working with homeowners we have seen many trends come and go. Some homeowners want their wallpaper taken down, others want it up…you never know what to expect on the ever changing world of fads, fashions, and styles. One of the things that is never a trend and or fad is the individual upkeep that you perform to your stain...
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