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Ethics in construction..what you need to look for!!

EthicsEthics in construction and home building can raise a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and opinions. Although some may have a positive attitude towards their Builder/Contractor others may want to hang a rope around his/her neck, (being the least amount of minimal retribution!)

As is the case in many industries, there are a wide variety of individuals who do not have the commitment/willingness to stay in business and/or foresee themselves in the construction industry for many years to come. These individuals are not aware that the actions they do today will bring a positive or negative effect in the future. They are focused on their present and fail to judge these decisions and their effect on the future. These are the type of individuals homeowners and consumers in general need to stay away from!

One of the most important features when interviewing or deciding between contractors is, "home ownership." It is very important for the Contractor that is being hired, to make the best possible decisions towards the project he is being hired to do. In the construction industry this is referred to as "treating the client's home or property like it was their own". The identification of this feature will not provide monetary savings to the homeowner, but will provide an ease of mind that will be very beneficial for the future of the home or property.

IP was created in 2002. The main focus at that time was to make a difference in an industry that was plagued with individuals who did not know how to keep a schedule, did not do what they said they were going to do, and provided zero customer service. A personal touch, constant communication, timeliness, and commitment to our word became our top tools to provide our clients with a positive experience. As time passed, our ethics became our number one asset and began to set us apart from the rest.

While others focused their marketing efforts on price, IP focused on retaining and providing the best service for the best value. This strategy helped IP navigate through a wide range of economic turmoil that the Houston construction industry has endured in the past years. These ethical factors continue to be the main driving force in our business strategy.

Although many variables have changed and evolved throughout the years, these main factors continue to be key in the Contractor selection. Save yourself the painful hassle of a bad construction and wasted time and money, by taking the extra precaution of identifying their ethical values. The extra work will go a long way and can bring a very happy relationship between you and your Contractor!!

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