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How to pick the perfect paint color!


color swatchesBeing able to pick the perfect color for your home or business can sometimes be and ardous task. There are many variables that intertwine and influence a particular hue of color, and sometimes the task at hand can become intense and haunting at the same time. Throughout the years we have been able to identify several factors that can ease this decision process and make the task a little bit more manageable.

1. Be Patient. Rome was not built in one day! If you have decided that you are due for a remodel/repaint, choosing the right color begins with a simple brainstorm. Pick and choose colors that will be compliments to flooring, granite, and/or all other fixed materials that cannot be easily replaced.

2. Pick 3 Colors. Although you are free to choose as many colors as you want, it is important to note that a final decision has to be made. Wether you will be incorporating one of two color to designed, you will need to identify the three best colors that will compliment and/or exentuate an area.

3. Paint colors on wall. Most paint stores out there have printed material colors for you to take home at no additional charge. Although this could be a great way to identify the desired color, you will need to buy a paint sample and put it up on the wall.  This will eliminate any surprises and misguided information from using printed material as guide.

4. Judge color. When you have painted the desired color/s on the wall, make sure you give plenty of time for you to judge the color.  Make sure you are able to see color at daylight, noon, dusk, ect. You will see variations of color and see how well it fits and compliments/accentuates a space.

If you are flexible and follow these four rules/steps, you will be able to ease into the repaint process with ease. Although it may seem hard and daunting, repainting can be fun and bring beauty in the end. If you feel you need help, we are here to help and provide free consultations at no addtional charge, if we are repainting your home or property.  Give us call or shoot us and email to learn more about our consultaion services.


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