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Hardy Plank Installation in The Woodlands

Stop the Cycle - Do not Put Wood Back On!

Hardiplank siding is better than every other choice in siding!

  • hardiplank has rich, luxurious wood grain
  • hardiplank will never rot – a good thing in The Woodlands!
  • hardiplank won’t burn
  • termites hate hardie planks!

Products once thought to be superior, or products that were inexpensive to produce and install have been used by builders and by replacement contractors for many years.

Look at Masonite for example. Since it was hard, at one time, it was a good choice. However, over time we have learned Masonite does not hold up to wind and rain very well. Once the paint begins to show the first signs of wear, Masonite soaks up water like a sponge!

Unfortunately, aluminum siding is worse! Because besides being a terrible insulator and one of the materials most likely to transfer heat, it also dents.

Vinyl? Of course, besides being very thin and easily blown off your home, vinyl can tear and is very difficult to get paint to stick to it if you want a color change.

Everyone likes wood, including termites. In addition, when it is exposed, water will get into the pores and dry rot will begin. Unprotected wood is an invitation to an expensive repair.

The solution is clear! - Hardiplank siding

Why are woodlands Texas homeowners choosing Hardieplank siding?

  • Appearance – hardie siding looks great! hardy’s real wood makes it difficult to tell them apart.
  • Rot resistant – hardiplank is resistant to water penetration! you will not be replacing it in your lifetime!
  • Bug resistant – termites do not eat hardiplank fiber cement siding!
  • Impact resistant – hard to dent hardie siding from flying debris! while not indestructible, James hardie fiber cement exterior siding is very tough and stands up to impact better than most materials.
  • Longer lasting – hardie plank siding lasts much longer than wood!
  • Valuable – great return on investment from hardie siding!
  • Superior warranty – hardiplank siding has up to a 50 year product warranty.
    • How do you get started?

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